Using Cheap USB-C Cable Damages The Cable And iPhone 15 Pro Max Both: Incident Reveals

iPhone 15 pro max

Apple consistently advises its customers to use only authorized accessories, cautioning against the risks of overheating and fire hazards associated with unofficial products.

Despite these warnings, many users often overlook the potential dangers, attributing Apple’s advice to a strategy for increasing sales and profits. However, a recent incident reported by a Reddit user, NoisilyMarvellous, highlights the real risks of using low-quality accessories.

The Reddit user shared a concerning experience with their newly purchased iPhone 15 Pro Max. They used a cheap, non-Apple charging cable, which resulted in the cable melting.

This not only caused damage to the phone but also burned the user’s finger. The incident underscores the importance of using original or certified accessories, especially when charging high-value devices like the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

It’s crucial to understand that using accessories from brands other than Apple doesn’t necessarily harm your device, as long as they are from official partners who have passed Apple’s quality control tests.

However, opting for an unknown brand solely because of its lower cost can have serious repercussions, as demonstrated by NoisilyMarvellous’s experience with their iPhone, valued at over $1000.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential hazards of using cheap, uncertified accessories with high-end electronic devices.

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