Apple iPhone 16 Pro And iPhone 17 Will Get Significant Camera Upgrades: Ming-Chi Kuo

iPhone 17 pro

It was reported earlier that #Apple is finally upgrading the front camera of its iPhones, especially for iPhone 16 pro and iPhone 17, a significant development considering that domestic smartphones have already advanced to 60 million pixels in front-facing cameras.

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#Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TF International Securities, recently released a research report indicating that the iPhone 17’s front camera will undergo a major upgrade to a 24 million pixel, 6P lens, a substantial increase from the 12 million pixel, 5P lens used in the iPhone 15 and 16.

In addition to the doubling of pixels, the quality of lens layering will also improve. Kuo mentioned that the iPhone 17 will feature a six-piece lens design, an upgrade from the five-piece lens in the iPhone 15 and 16. Largan Precision is expected to be the main lens supplier for the iPhone 17’s front camera. Kuo estimates that the 6P lens will cost 100-120% more than the 5P lens, contributing over 3 billion New Taiwan Dollars in revenue for Largan Precision.

Apple camera upgrade

Meanwhile, the iPhone 16 Pro, set to be released in September this year, will not only upgrade its main camera but also its ultra-wide-angle lens to 48 million pixels. The specific specifications include a 48 million pixel resolution, a single pixel size of 0.7μm, and an aperture of 1/2.6. For comparison, the iPhone 15 Pro’s ultra-wide-angle lens has a 12 million pixel resolution, a single pixel size of 1μm, and an aperture of 1/3.6.

This will be the first time an iPhone features two 48 million pixel cameras (main + ultra-wide-angle), significantly enhancing photo resolution and performance in night and low-light conditions. The improvement in shooting details and quality will be noticeable.

In summary, the upcoming iPhone 16 and 17 models are set to receive significant camera upgrades, marking a notable advancement in Apple’s approach to smartphone photography.

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