Vivo Officially Announces The Release Of Vivo S18 Series On December 14


Vivo has officially declared that the S18 series, comprising the vivo S18 Pro, vivo S18, and vivo S18E, will be unveiled at a product launch event scheduled for 19:00 on December 14.

The vivo S18 series is being promoted as a “new technological masterpiece” by vivo, and it is set to be the first batch of smartphones from the company to feature the “Blue Heart” large AI model. The S18 series continues Vivo’s tradition of positioning the S series as the “king of portrait phones.” The new S18 series lives up to its reputation as the “new generation king of portrait phones” by achieving “studio-level portraits.”

This advancement in portrait photography is achieved by integrating the understanding of light by “studio masters” into the S18’s “sensing,” “supplementing,” and “spiritual” light, resulting in the most natural, interesting, and self-representative portrait photography.

The vivo S18 Pro is equipped with the same Sony IMX920 flagship main sensor as the vivo X100, a 50MP ultra-wide-angle sensor, and a professional long-focus portrait lens, similar to the X90s. It also features a 50MP wide-angle dual soft light front camera.

Vivo S18 Pro Specifications

In terms of core specifications, the vivo S18 Pro will be powered by the flagship MediaTek Dimensity 9200+ chipset, an enhanced version of the Dimensity 9200, capable of scoring nearly 1.6 million in benchmark tests.

Vivo S18 Specifications

The standard vivo S18 model will be equipped with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 7 Gen3 chipset, offering comprehensive improvements in performance, imaging, and AI capabilities, with benchmark scores also exceeding one million.

The announcement of the vivo S18 series highlights Vivo’s commitment to advancing smartphone technology, particularly in AI and portrait photography, setting a new standard for flagship devices in the industry.


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