Xiaomi Mix Flip Renders And Specs Leaked

Xiaomi Mix Flip

Xiaomi is accelerating its efforts on the MIX Flip, with new details surfacing daily. Initially, there was a misconception that the MIX FOLD 4 would be available globally, but it has been clarified that it will only be sold in mainland China. Instead, Xiaomi is set to surprise the global market with the MIX Flip in May, according to GSMChina, which has leaked key specifications of the device.

Xiaomi MIX Flip Overview

The development of the first MIX Flip began in 2021, codenamed “argo,” and was powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. However, Xiaomi halted its development, focusing instead on the MIX FOLD series. The last internal MIUI build for the prototype was MIUI-V21.4.24, and since then, no new Flip model had been developed until now.

Xiaomi is currently testing the MIX Flip internally, with an expected official announcement in May. Initially thought to be the MIX FOLD 4, further investigation revealed the MIX Flip as a distinct model set to be available globally, unlike the MIX FOLD 4, which will remain exclusive to China.

The MIX Flip, with model numbers “2405CPX3DG / 2405CPX3DC” and codenamed “ruyi” (internal model number “N8”), signifies its place in the MIX series, following the MIX 4 (“K8”) which featured an under-display camera and was sold exclusively in China.

Anticipated Features of the MIX Flip

The MIX Flip is poised to be a groundbreaking device for Xiaomi, powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SOC. It is expected to feature a dual-camera setup on the back, with a small screen below it, and a selfie camera on the front. These details are based on GSMChina’s renderings and speculation, not official images.

The MIX Flip is slated to be available in various countries, including Turkey, but will not launch in India. It is intended for the global and Chinese markets, with a significant launch event expected in May. The industry is eagerly awaiting to see what new features this model will introduce.


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