Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro’s Global Launch Plans Cancelled

Xiaomi Civi 4 Pro

Xiaomi’s CIVI 4 Pro, a highly anticipated smartphone known for its exceptional camera capabilities, was officially announced today. Despite the excitement surrounding its release, it has been confirmed that the CIVI 4 Pro will not be available in the global market. This decision limits its availability exclusively to China and India, leaving many potential international buyers disappointed by this last-minute development. Indian consumers, however, are in a fortunate position as they will have access to this sought-after model, which may be rebranded for its local release.

Limited Availability of Xiaomi CIVI 4 Pro

The CIVI series by Xiaomi has consistently delivered stylish models with impressive camera hardware. The CIVI 2, for instance, was introduced in various markets as the Xiaomi 13 Lite, making it accessible to a wide audience. Unfortunately, the same will not apply to the CIVI 4 Pro, as it is set to remain exclusive to the Chinese and Indian markets. Detailed examination of Mi Code reveals the device’s codename “chenfeng” and internal number “N9”, with model numbers “24053PY09C / 24053PY09I” indicating its restricted market release. There’s no indication of a global launch for the smartphone.

What’s Next for Indian Market

The news of the CIVI 4 Pro’s availability in India is a silver lining for users in the region. However, specific details, including the device’s name in India and any potential feature adjustments, remain under wraps. The upcoming launch event for the CIVI 4 Pro is expected to shed more light on these aspects. For now, enthusiasts and potential buyers in India and China are advised to stay tuned for more information.

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