9-core version of M4 iPad Pro appears: Apple cut off one large core, and the running score is 10% lower than the 10-core M4


 this month Apple launched a new iPad Pro. This device debuts with an OLED screen and an M4 chip. It is the most powerful iPad in Apple’s history.

It is reported that the iPad Pro M4 chip has 9-core and 10-core options. The 256GB/512GB version only has a 9-core CPU. Apple has cut off a large core and is equipped with 8GB of memory. The 1TB/2TB version is equipped with a 10-core full-blooded CPU. Equipped with 16GB memory.

Now the 9-core version of the M4 iPad Pro has appeared on the Geekbench benchmarking website, with a single-core score of 3630 and a multi-core score of 13060.

Regarding the 10-core M4 iPad Pro, the 9-core version of the M4 multi-core score is about 10% lower, which shows that Apple has cut off a large core, which has a more obvious impact on performance.

For M3, the 9-core M4 multi-core performance is about 13% faster. Compared with the M2, the 9-core M4 multi-core performance is 35% faster.

It is reported that the 9-core M4 still uses TSMC’s 3nm process and is composed of 3 large cores and 6 small cores.

In terms of price, the 256GB iPad Pro 11-inch WiFi version is priced at 8,999 yuan, the 512GB version is priced at 10,699 yuan, 1TB is priced at 14,099 yuan (nano glass version is 14,899 yuan), and 2TB is priced at 17,499 yuan (nano glass version is 18,299 yuan).

The iPad Pro 13-inch WiFi version is priced at 11,499 yuan for 256GB, 13,199 yuan for 512GB, 16,599 yuan for 1TB (nano glass version 17,399 yuan), and 19,999 yuan for 2TB (nano glass version 20,799 yuan).

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