6.9 inches, the largest screen in history! The latest model of iPhone 16 Pro Max is released: confirmed to add a new photo button


 overseas tipsters have recently brought the iPhone 16 Pro Max model and made a comprehensive comparison with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It can be seen that some changes in the new generation product.

First of all, it is clear that the iPhone 16 Pro Max still inherits the overall appearance of the previous generation. It has a smart island screen on the front and a matrix triple camera on the back. The triangular module that has been widely circulated on the Internet has not been implemented.

It should be noted that multiple supply chain sources have previously made it clear that the iPhone 16 Pro Max will be upgraded to a 6.9-inch screen, making it the largest iPhone ever.

However, due to Apple’s screen technology upgrades, the frame has been further narrowed, so the body size has only changed very slightly, with the length increasing by about 3mm and the width increasing by less than 1mm.

The most obvious change of the iPhone 16 Pro Max is the addition of a camera button on the right middle frame, which can take photos and videos, and can also realize zoom and other functions through touch (swipe left and right).

The millimeter wave module originally equipped in the American and other versions will be moved to the left side below the volume button.

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