The era of pill screens is over! iPhone 18 Pro debuts under-screen Face ID revealed


 industry insider Ross Young revealed that Apple’s under-screen Face ID technology will be delayed by one year. The 2026 iPhone 18 Pro series will be equipped with under-screen Face ID for the first time, and the non-Pro models will be the 2029 iPhones. 19 will also upgrade the under-screen Face ID.

After equipped with under-screen Face ID, the iPhone 18 Pro series will have only one pinhole camera on the front, and the era of pill screens will officially end.

Public information shows that starting with the iPhone Lens, flood sensor element, distance sensor, ambient light sensor, front camera, dot projector.

From iPhone The entire Face ID is placed below the screen, with only a front-facing camera remaining on the front.

This means that Apple has to place many precision components such as floodlight sensing elements, distance sensors, ambient light sensors, and dot matrix projectors under the screen. This solution will not be commercially available until the iPhone 18 Pro series at the earliest.

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