Apple AI limits old models! Apple reportedly increases iPhone 16 series inventory to 90 million units


 there are only more than two months left before Apple’s autumn new product launch conference in September, and more and more leaks about the iPhone 16 have been gradually increasing.

Today, media reported that a person from an Apple industry chain company revealed that Apple recently made fine-tuning to the stocking target for the iPhone 16 series, and the adjusted stocking target is about 90 million units.

Another Apple industry chain company also confirmed that Apple has indeed slightly raised its iPhone 16 series stocking target guidance recently.

Apple’s increase in iPhone 16 series inventory means that Apple’s confidence in the new phone has increased.

It is understood that at this year’s Apple WWDC conference, Apple launched Apple Intelligence (Apple Intelligence Kit, referred to as “AI”).

Morgan Stanley analysts believe that the introduction of Apple AI will stimulate consumer demand for upgrading.

Since powerful AI computing power is required for support, the only models that currently support AI are the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Now, if users who have older iPhones want to experience Apple AI, they must switch to the iPhone 16 series.

Regarding the issue that Apple AI is only limited to the iPhone 15 Pro series, Apple said that this new technology requires a lot of bandwidth, NPU, and powerful performance of the device itself to work properly.

In theory, AI could run on older iPhones, but it would be too slow.

At the same time, Apple also denied that limiting AI functions on the iPhone 15 Pro series is a marketing strategy to encourage users to buy new iPhones.

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