Apple iOS 18 supports game mode: limit background activities to increase frame rate


 Apple added a large number of new features to iOS 18, which is almost the biggest iOS reform in history.

In addition, it also brings a feature that many people did not expect – game mode.

According to Apple, when game mode is turned on, the device will minimize background activity to maximize the game frame rate.

In addition, the response speed of AirPods and game controllers will be improved to enhance the gaming experience in all aspects.

However, the official did not mention that the message banner notification and the small horizontal bar at the bottom would be blocked. This actually affects the user experience in daily use, especially the small horizontal bar, which is very easy to accidentally touch and exit the game.

In fact, Apple has begun to target the gaming market since last year, and the iPhone 15 Pro even supports 3A games such as “Resident Evil: Village”.

Capcom also announced that it will release the game “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” on Apple iPhone and other devices, and it will be available on the App Store on July 2 this year.

These games also pose a huge challenge to the iPhone, which has almost no cooling system. If nothing unexpected happens, Apple should make major changes to the cooling system in the next two years.

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