Apple’s first version of iOS 18 was found to have too many bugs


The annual WWDC has ended, and iOS 18 is undoubtedly a major focus of everyone’s attention.

At present, many iPhone users have upgraded to iOS 18, but various system bugs are frustrating. Some bloggers said that you should be cautious when upgrading to iOS 18 because “there are so many bugs.”

The blogger said that if your iPhone is your main phone, it is recommended not to upgrade to iOS 18 because the first version has many bugs.

He also summarized several system bugs currently encountered:

1. The icon style switching is stuck, resulting in the icon not being displayed. 2. The flashlight width animation is often lost. 3. The Douyin App cannot upload videos. 4. WeChat message push is delayed by about 10 seconds. 5. The phone call occasionally cannot be made and a black screen is displayed. 6. Severe heating and increased power loss

Although the informal version of the system may have some problems, the blogger still advises everyone to be cautious when trying it out.

If you only have one iPhone, or iPhone is your primary phone, it is recommended that you wait a while before upgrading.

In fact, media reports have previously stated that although developers can now upgrade to experience the beta version of iOS 18, its functionality, battery life, and stability are not ideal, and it is not recommended for ordinary users and main mobile phones to upgrade.

In addition, the AI-based upgraded version of Siri only supports English communication this year, and will support more languages ​​next year.

According to Apple’s plan, iOS 18 will start public beta in July this year and the official version will be released this fall.

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