Completely eliminate old phones! Apple AI only supports two iPhone models


 Apple announced a major update to the iOS 18 system at the WWDC24 developer conference, and launched its first generative AI model – Apple Intelligence, whose Chinese name is Apple Intelligence.

The launch of Apple Intelligence marks a new breakthrough for Apple in the field of AI. It supports natural language understanding, can analyze user content and instructions, and provide functions such as automatic polishing of emails and summary memos.

In addition, the AI ​​can also generate images, providing a variety of styles such as sketches, illustrations and animations, and can even automatically identify the importance of notifications and reorder them to reduce unnecessary interference.

However, the limitation of this technology is that it requires powerful end-side processing capabilities and can only be run on devices equipped with A17 Pro or M series SoCs.

This means that for iPhone users who want to experience Apple Intelligence, they must switch to an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, or wait for the iPhone 16 series to be released in September.

Apple’s decision will undoubtedly accelerate the elimination of older iPhones, while also bringing pressure on users to upgrade.

Although the iOS 18 system provides upgrade support for more older models, including lock screen status customization, app lock, SMS function improvements, etc., the limitations of Apple Intelligence show that while Apple is promoting the popularization of the latest technologies, it is also gradually abandoning software support for older devices.

iOS 18 is expected to start public beta in July, when users will be able to experience the new features and optimizations brought by Apple. However, for those who cannot use Apple Intelligence, this may be a big regret.

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