Apple Officially Pushed iOS 17.3 Update To iPhone Devices With Stolen Device Protection, Collaborative Playlists and More

iOS 17.3

Apple has started releasing the official version of iOS 17.3 to users of iPhone XS and above, introducing several new features.

Key features of the iOS 17.3 update include

Stolen Device Protection

This feature enhances the security of the iPhone and Apple ID by requiring Face ID or Touch ID (without password fallback) for certain actions. A security delay necessitates waiting for an hour after successful biometric authentication before sensitive actions like changing the device or Apple ID password can be performed.

Lock Screen

The new Unity wallpaper pays tribute to Black history and culture, celebrating Black History Month.


Collaborative playlists allow users to invite friends to join their playlists, where everyone can add, reorder, and delete songs.


Emoji reactions can be added to any track in collaborative playlists.

Additional improvements in this update include

AirPlay Hotel Support

This feature enables users to stream content directly to TVs in specific hotel rooms.

AppleCare and Warranty in Settings

Displays the warranty coverage for all devices logged in with your Apple ID.

Crash Detection Optimization

Available for all iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models.

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