Apple will launch iPhone 17 Slim model: the design will be overhauled and the camera will be centered


 many sources have recently mentioned that Apple will release a brand new mobile phone next year – iPhone 17 Slim.

The Slim version will replace the original Plus model. The screen size is 6.55 inches, which is larger than the 6.1 inches of the standard and Pro versions, but slightly smaller than the Pro Max, making it easier for the product to differentiate.

This also means that the Plus model born in the iPhone 14 series will withdraw from the stage of history after three generations, which is somewhat similar to the fate of the previous mini version.

It is worth noting that the latest news also revealed that the rear camera of the iPhone 17 Slim will adopt a top-centered layout, not the upper left corner solution that has been adhered to since the birth of the iPhone.

In terms of core configuration, Apple still continues the differentiation plan of the iPhone 15 series. Only the Pro and Pro Max versions will be equipped with the top A19 Pro chip, while the standard version and Slim models will use the A19 chip.

The iPhone 17’s smart island punch holes will be uniformly reduced, and the borders will be further narrowed. The visual effects of the front of the entire series of products will be greatly improved.

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