Apple will launch TSMC’s 2nm process: mass production as soon as 2025


 according to media reports, Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams visited TSMC, and the two parties held a secret meeting. Apple will cover TSMC’s initial 2nm process production capacity.

It is reported that TSMC used GAAFET technology for the first time in the 2nm process. Different from the fin field effect transistor (FinFET) architecture used in the 3nm and 5nm processes, the GAAFET architecture is based on the surrounding gate (GAA) process and can solve the problem of FinFETch. Physical limit issues such as current control leakage caused by process shrinkage.

Compared with FinFET transistor technology, GAAFET transistor technology has a more complex structure and lower threshold voltage, which results in stronger performance, lower power consumption, and better power consumption performance.

It is reported that TSMC is spending billions of dollars to upgrade its production lines, and Apple also needs to change its chip design to adapt to new technologies.

As we all know, Apple is a major customer of TSMC. It is usually the first customer to obtain TSMC’s latest chip manufacturing process. For example, Apple has contracted all TSMC’s 3nm chip production capacity for iPhone, iPad and Mac in 2023.

Therefore, TSMC’s 2nm will also be used by Apple for the first time, and this process will be mass-produced as early as 2025.

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