Apple Will Release New Updated Siri With Generative AI This Year

Apple Siri

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, announced at today’s shareholder meeting that the company is poised to make significant strides in the field of generative artificial intelligence (AI) this year. Cook highlighted the “incredible breakthrough potential” of generative AI, underscoring why Apple is making substantial investments in this area. He expressed confidence that generative AI would offer transformative opportunities for users to enhance productivity and solve problems.

Cook promised that later this year, Apple would unveil new developments in AI and generative content (AIGC), introducing methods that could redefine the future of technology. This announcement aligns with multiple leaks suggesting that iOS 18 will feature an array of AI functionalities, particularly a major upgrade to Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. For the first time, Siri is expected to have the capability for natural conversations.

Apple has been testing a large language model known as “Ajax” since early 2023. This generative AI tool is designed to build Apple’s large language models and chatbots, aiming to integrate “autocomplete” and “auto-summarize” features into Apple’s core applications and its productivity suite, including Pages and Keynote.

Moreover, the new Siri is anticipated to run directly on devices, enabling offline functionality. This improvement is expected to result in faster response times and enhanced privacy and security.

This initiative represents Apple’s commitment to pioneering in the generative AI space, promising to bring innovative solutions that could significantly impact how users interact with their devices and manage their digital lives.

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