Galaxy AI Expected To Hit 100 Million Devices By 2024

Galaxy Ai

Samsung’s ambitious plan for integrating artificial intelligence into its devices is quite clear. Samsung recently held the Galaxy Unpacked press conference at the Hilton Hotel in San Jose, USA, where they officially launched the S24 series of smartphones.

Roh Tae-moon, President of Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Experience (MX) Division, announced that “Galaxy AI aims to become a ‘hybrid artificial intelligence’ that will utilize both on-device AI technology and cloud-based AI technology.” He further stated, “We expect to equip approximately 100 million mobile devices with Galaxy AI by 2024.”

On-device AI refers to generative AI that can operate on the device without an internet connection, while cloud AI is a generative AI service that requires an internet connection. Samsung first introduced Galaxy AI in the S24 series. Through software updates later this year, high-end phones released last year will also support Galaxy AI.

Roh mentioned that due to the need for hardware optimization if the Galaxy AI functionality of the S24 series is considered 100%, previous models will be able to apply the related features at about 80% to 90% of that level. He added, “The advantage of Galaxy AI is that it can be used even in roaming situations without internet access, and it is safe to use in terms of personal information protection.”

The S24 series includes three models: S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra. The prices of the S24 and S24+ are set to be the same as their predecessors. Roh commented, “Although the economic environment is not favorable, we have kept the prices of the basic models the same as the previous models to reduce the burden on consumers.”

In addition, Samsung Electronics unexpectedly launched the Galaxy Ring, a smart ring with various sensors to capture biometric information, at the “Galaxy Unpack 2024” event held on the same day.

Roh also announced, “The Galaxy bracelet will be released later this year. We believe that having only one smartwatch is not enough. It is crucial to monitor necessary health information at all times through ‘Samsung Health’ and provide AI analysis services for achieving digital health.”

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