Honor Magic 6 And Magic 6 Pro Officially Released With Advanced Camera, Display, And OS Features

Honor Magic 6 series

On January 10, 2024, Honor officially unveiled its latest flagship smartphone series, the Honor Magic 6, which includes the Honor Magic 6 and Honor Magic 6 Pro models. This series represents a culmination of three years of growth and innovation for Honor, as the company has continuously broken industry barriers in pursuit of an ultimate user experience.

Key Areas Of Improvements

The Honor Magic 6 series, evolving from its Chinese roots to a global presence, stands as a testament to Honor’s commitment to innovation, offering consumers a magical technology experience across various domains such as communication, battery life, display, glass, imaging, and AI.

Honor has always adhered to a dual-driven product philosophy, deeply understanding user needs to define products from a consumer perspective while simultaneously investing in cutting-edge technology to bring groundbreaking solutions. The Honor Magic 6 series introduces several innovative experiences, including the Honor Hongyan Communication for direct satellite communication, the upgraded second-generation Qinghai Lake battery, the ultra-durable Honor Juxi/Rhino Glass, the DSLR-level Honor Eagle Eye Camera, the continued leadership in Honor Oasis Eye Protection technology, and the revolutionary MagicOS 8.

Honor C1+ Enhancement Chip

The Honor Magic 6 series is priced starting at 4399 yuan and will be officially available for sale on January 18. The series leads in communication capabilities with Honor Hongyan Communication, supporting direct satellite services to enhance the satellite communication experience. The series features the newly upgraded proprietary RF enhancement chip HONOR C1+, achieving significant breakthroughs in antenna performance, ensuring fast network recovery even in weak signal scenarios like basements, and maintaining smooth video experiences during frequent signal tower switches on high-speed trains.

The Honor Magic 6 Pro is equipped with a new and improved direct satellite communication technology solution, reducing the overall size of the satellite chip by about 40%, supporting real-time voice and two-way text messaging, and offering the fastest satellite connection speed in the industry. This technology reduces satellite call power consumption, ensuring better signal quality and longer battery life. Even in super low battery scenarios, the Honor Magic 6 Pro can support 8 minutes of real-time voice communication or send 16 two-way text messages via satellite communication.

Honor Magic 6 Display

In the realm of display technology, the Honor Magic 6 series introduces a new screen focusing technology, achieving an industry-leading peak brightness of 5000 nits, making HDR video playback and outdoor screen reading clearer. The series also features the first domestic full-domain low-power LTPO display technology, supporting ultra-low refresh rates down to 1Hz, balancing low power consumption with smooth performance. As a leader in eye protection technology, the Honor Magic 6 series supports five major Oasis eye protection technologies, passing the German Rheinland TÜV Global Eye Protection 3.0 certification and the China National Institute of Standardization VICO A+ visual comfort test.

Honor Magic 6 Glass And Battery

The Honor Magic 6 series is equipped with the durable Honor Juxi Glass, which has undergone a breakthrough in glass material, increasing crystal density by 50% and passing the Swiss SGS multi-scenario gold standard five-star anti-drop certification. The series also features the second-generation Qinghai Lake battery technology, along with the new proprietary energy efficiency enhancement chip HONOR E1 and the Honor Dujiangyan power management system, providing consumers with all-day, all-weather-long battery life. The battery capacity of the Honor Magic 6 reaches 5450mAh, and the Honor Magic 6 Pro even boasts a capacity of 5600mAh, leading in flagship product endurance. The series also significantly improves comprehensive endurance in low-temperature and low-battery scenarios, achieving a breakthrough in industry low-temperature endurance technology.

Additionally, the Honor Magic 6 and Magic 6 Pro support 66W and 80W wired super-fast charging, respectively, as well as 50W and 66W wireless super-fast charging. The series enhances wireless charging freedom and extends the wireless charging range by 70%.

Honor Magic 6 Camera And Imaging

In terms of imaging capabilities, the Honor Magic 6 series introduces a leading upgrade in the imaging system, bringing DSLR-level optical effects and capture capabilities into smartphones with the new DSLR-level Honor Eagle Eye Camera. The series uses a custom 50 million pixel ultra-dynamic eagle eye main camera, capable of perceiving light and dark, excelling in backlit shooting, and defining a new standard in flagship capture. The Honor Magic 6 Pro features an industry-leading F1.4 ultra-large variable aperture, supporting F1.4-F2.0 intelligent variable aperture, and is equipped with a 1/1.49-inch industry-leading large base telephoto sensor and 180 million pixel periscope telephoto, easily focusing more light for clearer imaging. The Honor Magic 6 Pro’s powerful DSLR-level Honor Eagle Eye Camera achieves further eagle eye capture across all focal lengths, providing DSLR-level texture portraits, sports capture, landscape photography, and eighteen-arrow starburst effects, meeting the needs of various scenarios.

To continuously enhance camera efficiency and professionalism, the Honor Magic 6 series integrates the image magic box function with commonly used parameter settings for shooting, making operation more efficient and smooth. The professional zoom function simulates professional DSLR lenses, adding focal length information and optimizing two-level vibration feedback to create a professional and smooth zoom experience. The series also offers three different shooting styles – natural, vivid, and textured – to adapt to various shooting scenarios and demands, such as food, flowers, landscapes, work, products, and humanities, meeting personalized shooting needs.

MagicOS 8.0 and AI Features

In the realm of AI capabilities, the Honor Magic 6 series introduces Magic OS 8.0, a breakthrough operating system deeply enabled by AI, based on the platform-level AI capabilities of the pioneering Honor Magic series. The series debuts with Honor’s self-developed 7 billion parameter end-side platform-level AI large model “Magic Big Model,” bringing a magical intelligent experience to consumers. The new iconic interaction feature “Any Door” of the Honor Magic 6 series, based on the data learning and personalized habits of Honor’s end-side platform-level AI large model, achieves a breakthrough operation experience upgrade through multi-modal decision engines. The “Smart Film” function, based on the large model’s semantic understanding capability, can understand user intent with just a sentence description and automatically edit the film. The “Dynamic Capsule,” relying on low-power mobile platforms and Honor’s unique eye movement control technology, intelligently understands user intent, achieving a global touch across applications.

The Honor Magic 6 series is equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship chip and, under the enhancement of Magic OS 8.0, achieves a magical smooth experience. Whether it’s system space motion effects, sliding experience, application survival, or heavy games, the Honor Magic 6 series has industry-leading performance and is the first product to receive SGS’s dual gold standard certification for all-scenario smoothness and 60-month lasting smoothness.

Magic 6 Series Design

In terms of aesthetic design, the Honor Magic 6 series dares to break the norm with its innovative approach. Facing the trend of high-end phone camera module design, the series boldly overturns traditional design, drawing inspiration from the concept of the universe and the earth to create a classic “pillow-shaped” image module that breaks the single design language of roundness. This modern technological interpretation of new aesthetic charm seamlessly integrates imaging technology innovation with the idealism of Honor’s technology.

Magic 6 Colors

The Honor Magic 6 series also draws inspiration from China’s magnificent mountains and rivers, using technology to create stunning new colors, including Qilian Snow, Sea Lake Green, Flowing Cloud Purple, Wheat Wave Green, and Velvet Black.

The Honor Magic 6 series began pre-sales on January 11, 2024, and will officially go on sale on January 18 at 10:00 Chinese Time.

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