Honor’s most powerful digital flagship! Honor 200 series will be equipped with Qinghai Lake battery: released this month


 according to domestic media reports, Honor will release the Honor 200 series of new phones in late May.

The supply chain revealed that the Honor 200 series will be equipped with the same Qinghai Lake battery as the Magic flagship series.

Honor Qinghai Lake battery uses silicon-carbon anode technology. Nano-silicon is attached to the honeycomb carbon skeleton using vapor deposition technology. The energy density is significantly higher than that of ordinary batteries, which can greatly increase the capacity of the battery and improve the durability of the battery itself. .

Compared with graphite anode batteries, the battery energy density of silicon-carbon anode technology is increased by 12.8%. With low-voltage charge aggregation technology, the capacity of low-voltage batteries is increased by 240%.

In addition, the Honor Magic6 series has previously upgraded with the second-generation Qinghai Lake battery technology, built-in a new self-developed energy efficiency enhancement chip E1 and Honor Dujiangyan power management system.

It can realize chip-level real-time voltage monitoring, improving the accuracy of energy efficiency management by three times.

It is reported that the Honor 200 series products have been connected to the Internet and support 100W fast charging.

The phone is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8s Gen3 mobile platform, which is the most powerful digital series flagship in Honor’s history and also Honor’s first Snapdragon 8s Gen3 model.

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