Huawei Mate 60 series new version Hongmeng 4.2: Pro+/RS Extraordinary Master adds smart scanning


 Huawei Mate 60 series mobile phones have recently pushed the HarmonyOS4.2.0.130 version system. This update mainly optimizes the photo-taking effect and makes adjustments to the telephoto and portrait scenes.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the basic updates applicable to the entire series, the Mate 60 Pro+ and Mate 60 RS Master also have a new smart scanning function.

This feature supports scanning codes using the phone’s rear camera when in desktop mode. You can quickly scan codes without having to search for the app and make payments in one go. This is also an exclusive feature of Huawei.

According to the official introduction, after the QR code prompt box pops up on the phone, double-click the back of the phone or click on the QR code prompt box at the bottom of the desktop. After a “beep” sound is heard after successful recognition, the user will be redirected to the corresponding service page. Users can follow the prompts on the interface to complete the operation.

When a unified payment code is recognized or multiple payment codes appear at the same time, the set default payment method will be used for payment first.

However, this function is not standard for all Huawei products. It currently only supports some models such as the Mate 50 series, Mate X3 series, Mate 60 series, and Pura 70 series.

In addition, some Huawei models also support the smart payment function. When paying, you can directly aim the unlocked device at the first device to scan the code, and the phone will automatically bring up the payment code interface, which is very convenient.

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