Honor Magic V3 is now online: folding screen that supports satellite communications


According to the 3C certification official website, a new Honor phone that supports satellite communications has been connected to the network. It is expected to be the Honor Magic V3 large folding flagship.

Previously, only Huawei’s folding screen supported satellite communications. This will be the only folding screen other than Huawei that can realize satellite communication function.

It is reported that the difficulty and cost of equipping a foldable phone with satellite communications is greater than that of a traditional straight-screen phone.

At present, the official has not revealed any information about Honor Magic V3. However, Zhao Ming said in an interview not long ago that the phone is being prepared in full swing and will definitely be a super stunning and leading new generation of folding screen.

Judging from the time, Honor Magic V3 will most likely be released next month.

It is worth noting that the Honor Magic V2 has been released for more than 11 months, but its body thickness of 9.9mm is still the thinnest in the industry (folding inward), and it weighs only 231g.

The machine adopts the self-developed Luban titanium hinge, and the mortise and tenon structure reduces the number of keel parts by 70%, making better use of the space.

In addition, titanium material is introduced in the hinge shaft cover part, and Honor’s self-developed shield steel is widely used on the main body of the hinge. Compared with the ordinary steel used on Honor Magic Vs, it has a 25% thinner thickness and a 20% increase in strength.

It is expected that Honor Magic V3 will further improve in terms of lightness and thinness, and is expected to break its own record again.

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