Huawei Mate 70 series will be launched in October at the earliest


 blogger Guan revealed that the Huawei Mate 70 series is expected to debut in October-November.

The phone is equipped with OmniVision Group’s OV50 series sensors as standard, and is also the first to launch the new Kirin chip, pre-installed with the latest pure-blooded Hongmeng system.

He mentioned that the sophistication of the pure-blooded Hongmeng animation, the playable AI capabilities and the complete Hongmeng NEXT ecosystem will give an overall experience that will be comparable to Apple.

It is reported that the pure-blooded Hongmeng system base is fully self-developed, removing the traditional AOSP code. It only supports the Hongmeng kernel and Hongmeng system applications, and is no longer compatible with Android OS.

At present, thousands of companies and institutions have started the development of HarmonyOS native applications, covering multiple categories such as navigation, news, tools, travel, finance, convenient life, food, and games.

According to the plan, Hongmeng will achieve the development of 5,000+ Hongmeng native applications by the end of the year, and ultimately achieve 500,000+ native applications.

Analysts said that the key to the success or failure of an operating system lies in its ecosystem. The fact that Hongmeng dares to be completely independent shows that the Hongmeng ecosystem has become a trend.

Today, the HarmonyOS ecosystem has 800 million devices, and more and more software manufacturers have started to develop HarmonyOS native applications, accounting for 90% of the top Internet applications.

From the leading Internet applications joining HarmonyOS to the official launch of the “pure-blooded” version of HarmonyOS, this means that the HarmonyOS ecosystem has entered the second stage.

In addition to Apple iOS and Google Android, the third largest operating system is being generated at an accelerated pace. Research firm TechInsights has predicted that Hongmeng will replace Apple iOS to become China’s second largest smartphone operating system in 2024.

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