Meizu 21 Pro Enters China Quality Certification With Wide Area Ultrasonic Fingerprint

Meizu 21 Pro

It is reported that two devices with certification model numbers 481Q and 481S officially entered the network, manufactured by Zhuhai Meizu Technology Co., Ltd., and labeled as “5G Digital Mobile Phones.” According to the digital blogger @Digital Chat Station, these models are the Meizu 21 Pro, and the filing information shows support for up to 80W fast charging.

The blogger also revealed some of the new device’s configurations, including a 2K screen and a wide-area ultrasonic fingerprint combination. This marks a departure from the single-point fingerprint recognition solutions commonly used by other manufacturers and is Meizu’s first model to adopt wide-area ultrasonic fingerprint technology.

Compared to single-point fingerprint recognition, wide-area ultrasonic fingerprint technology has two main features:

  1. A significantly larger unlocking area is directly linked to the size of the fingerprint module.
  2. The ability to complete fingerprint registration in “one go,” makes it an indispensable feature once experienced.

In addition to these features, the wide-area ultrasonic fingerprint technology retains other advantages of fingerprint technology, such as unlocking with wet hands and a comfortable unlocking position. Moreover, it does not produce the intense bright light in dark environments typical of optical fingerprint unlocking.

The Meizu 21 Pro is expected to be released after the Chinese New Year.

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