OnePlus Ace 3 Pro launches new generation of silicon negative electrode battery: capacity exceeds 6000mAh


 Digital Chat Station revealed that after the 618 shopping festival, a new wave of mid-range performance phones will be launched one after another, with the first to debut being the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro.

According to leaks, OnePlus Ace 3 Pro is the first to launch a new generation of silicon negative electrode battery with a capacity of 6100mAh. It also supports 100W wired flash charging. This is the model with the largest battery capacity in the same class and can be called the king of battery life in the same class.

It is reported that silicon-based negative electrode materials are known for their ultra-high energy density and can provide far more power than graphite at the same weight. The emergence of this material has subverted our understanding of batteries.

Specifically, the theoretical capacity of silicon material is as high as 4200mAh/g, which is more than ten times that of graphite. This technological innovation provides a solid theoretical foundation for mobile phone manufacturers to pursue longer battery life.

Looking ahead, with the accelerated popularization of silicon negative electrode batteries, it is expected that a large number of smartphones with a capacity of up to 6000mAh will be launched next year.

This means that smartphone users may now be able to completely get rid of the battery life anxiety that has plagued them for years.

In addition, OnePlus Ace 3 Pro will adopt a 1.5K screen and be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3 mobile platform. The new product is expected to be officially launched in July.

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