OnePlus Open Receives OxygenOS 13.2 Update


OnePlus has recently rolled out a new update for its foldable device, the OnePlus Open. However, contrary to some users’ expectations, this update does not bring Android 14 to the device. Instead, it focuses on enhancing the camera functionality and is based on OxygenOS 13.2.

The update, identified as firmware CPH2551_13.2.0.201(EX01), is approximately 508.98MB in size and includes the Android security patch for November 2023. A significant feature of this update is the improvement in the camera department, particularly the ability to set a specific exposure value while taking photos in ‘Photo’ mode. This enhancement allows for more control and precision in photography, a welcome addition for users who utilize the camera extensively.

Despite these improvements, the absence of Android 14 in this update has left some OnePlus Open users feeling a bit let down, especially considering that OnePlus has already released Oxygen OS 14, based on Android 14, for its OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 10 Pro devices. This disparity in software updates across OnePlus’s device lineup has led to questions about when the foldable OnePlus Open will receive the Android 14 update.

For users eager to check if the new update is available on their OnePlus Open, they can navigate to Settings > System > System updates and tap the “Check for updates” button. It’s worth noting that OnePlus typically releases its updates in stages over several days, so not all users may see the new firmware immediately.

While the current update does not bring the much-anticipated Android 14, it does offer valuable camera enhancements and the latest security patch. OnePlus Open users are now left to anticipate when the company will roll out Android 14 for their device, with speculation about a potential rollout in January. The delay in receiving Android 14 has sparked discussions among the community, balancing the benefits of the current update against the excitement for the upcoming Android version.


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