Realme GT5 Pro Opens For Preorders In China, Released On December 7


The launch of the Realme GT5 Pro smartphone is around the corner, the device is now open for pre-orders and is scheduled to be released on December 7 at 14:00 CST. This new model from Realme is set to feature the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor and the IMX890 telephoto lens, a combination that marks a first in the industry.

The GT5 Pro will also incorporate ArcSoft’s algorithm, enabling the telephoto end to support main camera-level DOL-HDR for the first time. This technology allows for multi-frame selection, achieving a high dynamic range HDR effect.

Additionally, the Realme GT5 Pro will be equipped with Sony’s light-sensing sensor. Leaks suggest that the phone’s triple rear camera setup will include the LYT808, OV08D10, and IMX890 sensors.

Another notable feature is the phone’s display, which is a global debut of a custom flagship screen made by BOE. Rumors indicate that this screen will have a micro-curved, ultra-narrow design with a 1.5K resolution and a new substrate from BOE, capable of reaching a peak brightness of over 3000 nits.


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