Redmi K70 Follows Xiaomi 14’s Design: A Glimpse at the Straight Edges and Flat Screen


Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi is set to continue its legacy with the upcoming Redmi K70, which has been officially announced to make its debut this month. The new device is not just about performance enhancements but also a significant upgrade in terms of texture and feel.

Design and Build

The Redmi K70 is expected to inherit the popular straight edge and flat screen design from the Xiaomi 14, with a metal frame likely made of aluminum alloy complementing a pure black body for an exceptional texture. The glass back also features large curved transitions at the edges to ensure a comfortable grip despite the straight edges.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Leaks from Chinese reliable sources suggest that the Redmi K70 will eliminate the screen’s plastic bracket, allowing for narrower screen bezels and an improved texture. The Redmi K series has always dominated its price segment with performance and cost-effectiveness, with texture being the only weak point. This significant texture upgrade is set to fill that gap, positioning the K70 as a versatile flagship in its price range.

Competitive Strategy

Lu Weibing, a prominent figure at Xiaomi, has indicated in interactions with netizens that the K70 series will “weld the door shut,” implying that the product will be strong and leave no opportunity for competitors.

The Redmi K70 is shaping up to be a comprehensive package, offering a blend of Xiaomi’s established design language with new-age aesthetics and performance. As the launch date approaches, the anticipation for this potential game-changer in the mid-range smartphone market is mounting.

Earlier it was reported that the Redmi K70 is rumored to ditch the plastic bracket around the screen, opting for narrower bezels that enhance the device’s sleek appearance. This design decision is a strategic move to address what has traditionally been perceived as the series’ only shortcoming—texture and feel. With this upgrade, the K70 is set to redefine expectations for mid-range smartphones, offering a flagship experience at a competitive price point. Insights into the design and display features have been tipped by Gizmochina.

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