ROG Gaming Phone 8 New Design Exposed With Renders

Rog Phone 8

The ROG Gaming Phone 8 series, set to be officially launched on January 16th, 2023, at 19:30, showcases a unique and futuristic design, as revealed by the blogger “WHYLAB.”

Distinctive Camera Module Design

The new model features a radical change in its appearance, especially with the camera module. The back of the phone has been simplified, removing many elements to give it a cleaner and more modern look.

The camera module has shifted from the previous horizontal arrangement to a striking pentagonal, step-like design. This module houses three cameras, with the main camera and flash aligned vertically on the left, and two auxiliary cameras on the right.

Sleek and Cool Aesthetics

A notable design element is a small notch in the bottom right corner of the camera module, stylishly inscribed with “ROG,” adding a cool factor to the phone’s appearance. The back design is more minimalistic, featuring only the ROG logo and the ‘Republic of Gamers’ inscription, likely with RGB lighting effects.

Anticipated Specifications

While official specifications have not been disclosed by ROG, the ROG Gaming Phone 7, for reference, was equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor and featured a 6.78-inch AMOLED display with a 165Hz refresh rate.

In summary, the ROG Gaming Phone 8 series is expected to make a bold statement in the gaming smartphone market with its innovative design and potentially powerful specifications. The new pentagonal camera module and minimalist back design are set to distinguish it from its predecessors and competitors.


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