Nubia Z60 Ultra Features Unique Camera Design

Nubia Z60 Ultra Camera

The Nubia Z60 Ultra is scheduled for an official release on December 19th at 14:00, with the brand claiming it to be the most comprehensive and capable in terms of imaging. The smartphone is set to bring a new level of innovation in design and camera technology.

Innovative Design and Camera Setup

Nubia has revealed the design details of the Z60 Ultra, which features a unique isomorphic universe space design. This design approach integrates different elements in a layered state to achieve perfect synergy.

The Z60 Ultra introduces an industry-first boundaryless design for its rear camera, offering a vast and limitless visual experience. The device includes three distinctively shaped rear lenses, making it highly recognizable and setting a new standard in smartphone design.

Advanced Camera Design

The Z60 Ultra is equipped with the Neovision Taishan imaging system, which includes an 18mm 50MP large bottom large aperture wide-angle lens, a 35mm 50MP high-definition optical lens, and an 85mm 64MP periscope flagship telephoto lens. All these lenses support OIS optical stabilization, ensuring high-quality imaging capabilities.

Fifth-Generation UDC Full-Screen Design

In addition to its unique camera setup, the Nubia Z60 Ultra features the fifth-generation UDC (Under Display Camera) full-screen design. It utilizes BOE’s Q9+ luminescent material and includes an independent UDC Ultra display chip. The phone supports a 2.8μm fusion pixel technology, enhancing the display quality.

Launch and Availability

The Nubia Z60 Ultra is set to be officially launched on December 19th, with the brand positioning it as a device that understands imaging like no other and is fully capable in all aspects.

The Nubia Z60 Ultra is poised to make a significant impact in the smartphone market with its unique rear camera design and advanced imaging system. Coupled with its innovative full-screen design and high-end display technology, as well as a 6000mAh battery, the Z60 Ultra is shaping up to be a standout device in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.


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