Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6/Flip6 appearance first exposed: right-angle frame, square design


 Samsung’s upcoming new generation flagship folding screen mobile phone Z Fold6 has attracted much attention recently.

The latest news reveals that this phone will adopt a more square design. Compared with the existing series, this design innovation will undoubtedly bring users a new visual and usage experience.

The well-known digital blogger “i冰宇宙” today released a promotional poster that is suspected to be the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6/Flip6. The appearance of the new phone in the poster is highly consistent with previous rumors, showing its unique right-angle frame design. This design style is in line with the Samsung Galaxy S Ultra and Galaxy Note series, highlighting a strong industrial beauty.

In addition to the innovation in appearance, the Samsung Z Fold6 has also made a moderate increase in the size of the external screen. Although the increase is not significant, this adjustment is expected to better meet the daily needs of the majority of users and bring users a more comfortable and convenient user experience.

It is worth mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 has passed the certification of the US FCC, which indicates that it has reached the industry-leading level in technical specifications and quality.

The phone will be equipped with advanced connectivity options such as 5G, dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, NFC, WPT and UWB , bringing users faster and more stable data transmission and wireless connection experience.

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