Samsung One UI 6.1 to Enhance Galaxy Devices with AI Features

One ui 6.1

Samsung is preparing to launch One UI 6.1, an update that will introduce advanced AI features to its Galaxy devices. This update is expected to debut with the Galaxy S24 series in January 2024 and will later roll out to older models

AI-Generated Wallpapers and Advanced Battery Health Tool

One of the most notable features of One UI 6.1 is the introduction of AI-generated wallpapers, a functionality that Google first introduced with the Pixel 8 series running Android 14. Samsung’s version of this feature will allow users to create wallpapers based on text prompts, offering customization options like subject and backdrop.

Additionally, One UI 6.1 will include a more advanced battery health protection tool that uses AI to manage overnight charging.

Lockscreen Customization with Weather and Portrait Effects

The update will also enable users to add weather and portrait effects to their Galaxy phone’s lockscreen. This feature will allow customization based on different weather conditions and times of the day, with the possibility to animate the AI-generated effects.

Image Editing with AI: Object Relocation and Expansion

One UI 6.1 will enhance photo editing capabilities by allowing users to relocate objects within an image, including people and pets. The AI will automatically fill in the details in the original position. Users can also expand images by adding non-existing details, aligning photos perfectly, and moving objects or clips from one photo to another.

Improvements to Samsung Notes

Samsung Notes will receive an upgrade with AI features that can organize and summarize notes using bullet points and auto-formatting. The AI can even format handwritten notes and convert them into text, enhancing the note-taking experience.

Comprehensive Photography Solutions

Coupled with the advanced photo and video editing tools added in One UI 6.0, the upcoming update will position Galaxy phones as comprehensive solutions for photography and content creation.

Rollout to Other Galaxy Devices

After the launch of the Galaxy S24 series, One UI 6.1 will be rolled out to other eligible Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5, and several others. Most of the new AI features are expected to be available on these devices as well.

In summary, Samsung’s One UI 6.1 update is set to significantly enhance the user experience on Galaxy devices with a host of AI-driven features. From AI-generated wallpapers to advanced image editing and note-taking functionalities, the update promises to bring a new level of intelligence and customization to Samsung’s ecosystem.


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