Samsung Display Gears Up to Supply Apple with Advanced Foldable And XR Displays

Samsung Display

Samsung Display is reportedly restructuring its operations to position itself as a leading supplier of Apple’s anticipated foldable and mixed reality devices. This move comes in anticipation of the growing demand for cutting-edge display technologies.

Focus on Foldable Panels and Microdisplays

Samsung Display’s recent reorganization of its “A” business team, which focuses on developing display technologies that align with Apple’s standards and demands, indicates a strategic shift towards foldable panels and microdisplays. Industry experts view this restructuring as Samsung’s preparation for a future where foldable displays become more mainstream.

Apple’s Foray into Foldable and Mixed Reality Devices

While Apple has not yet released any foldable devices, Samsung Display is betting on the iPhone maker eventually entering the foldable device market. Samsung aims to be Apple’s primary supplier for these panels, ensuring a significant source of revenue as the technology evolves.

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset and Samsung’s Role

Apple is expected to release its first mixed-reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro, in 2024. Although the initial version of this headset will feature a display panel supplied by Sony, Samsung Display is actively working to enter Apple’s supply chain for future iterations. Samsung is developing its own OLEDoS (OLED on Silicon) technology for XR headsets in collaboration with the German firm Merck.

Samsung’s Own XR Headset Development

In parallel, Samsung’s mobile division is developing its XR headset, which could be released next year to compete with Apple’s Vision Pro. This headset may serve as a showcase for Samsung Display’s manufacturing capabilities, potentially positioning it as a viable supplier for Apple’s future XR products.

Samsung Display is making strategic moves to become a primary supplier for Apple’s foldable and mixed reality devices. By focusing on advanced display technologies and restructuring its business teams, Samsung is preparing to meet the demands of the evolving market and capitalize on the growing popularity of foldable and XR devices.


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