The king of foldable screens! Honor Magic V3 appearance announced


Honor officially announced the appearance of Honor Magic V3. This new product will be launched on July 12.

As shown in the picture, the Honor Magic V3 uses a ring lens, there is a gold border around the camera island, three rear cameras, and the body is made of plain leather. The main feature of the phone is its slim and light design.

Honor CEO Zhao Ming said that 12 months have passed since the release of Honor Magic V2, and its record of being thin and light has not been broken so far, and only Honor can surpass it.

According to reports, the Honor Magic V3’s body thickness when folded is less than 10mm and its weight is less than 230g. This will be the lightest and thinnest folding screen in the industry.

In addition, Honor Magic V3 is equipped with a new AI defocus eye protection, which combines the end-side AI with the screen. It can transform the mobile phone screen into a “defocus lens” according to the user’s eye environment and habits.

Laboratory data showed that after users read for 25 minutes using a screen with AI defocus eye protection technology, their transient myopia index decreased by an average of 13 degrees, with a maximum reduction of 75 degrees.

This new product has now obtained network access permission. It is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen3 platform, supports satellite communications, and its model is FCP-AN10.

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