The most powerful Redmi phone! Redmi K70 Extreme Edition preview: Dimensity performance reaches the top


Xiaomi’s latest mobile phone model 2407FRK8EC has passed the national 3C quality certification. According to previously exposed information, this phone is likely to be the upcoming Redmi K70 Ultra.

According to the certification information, the phone is manufactured by Huizhou Guanghong Technology and is equipped with 120W MDY-14-ED and MDY-16-EB chargers.

In addition, according to blogger @digitalchatstation, the Redmi K70 Ultra will use the MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ flagship platform and be equipped with a 5500mAh large-capacity battery.

Among them, Dimensity 9300+ has launched a new “all large core” CPU architecture design, which breaks away from the traditional architecture design thinking, abandons the small core of the CPU, and combines the ultra-large core (Arm Cortex-X) and the large core (Arm Cortex-X) with a higher clock frequency. -A) combination can significantly improve performance and energy efficiency while reducing power consumption and extending battery life.

In terms of screen, the phone will use a new 1.5K 8T LTPO new base material and new screen, with a peak brightness of more than 5,000 nits, focusing on “supreme performance and comprehensive AI”.

The previous generation Redmi K60 Ultra was released in August 2023, and digital chat sites said the Redmi K70 Ultra will be released early this year, possibly sometime in July.

According to the information displayed on Mi Code, the internal code name of Xiaomi 14T Pro/Redmi K70 Ultra is “rotko”. It is worth mentioning that the codename of the Redmi K series is usually the name of a painter, but this time Mark Rothko was chosen, who is known as the most important representative of “color field painting” or “late painting abstraction” One of the characters.

Editor’s comments:

Xiaomi’s upcoming Redmi K70 Ultra mobile phone has passed the national 3C quality certification. As a synonym for cost-effectiveness, I hope Xiaomi can give more surprises on the Redmi K70 Ultra.

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