Vivo X100 Ultra is equipped with a one-inch gimbal-level main camera: equipped with an exclusive precision jump


 the vivo X100 Ultra was officially released tonight. The new phone is equipped with a one-inch gimbal-level main camera, which can be called “the most powerful one-inch in the industry so far.”

It is reported that the main camera of the vivo X100 Ultra uses a LYT-900 one-inch sensor, equipped with precision jump technology that increases the clarity by 20%.

At the same time, this lens is equipped with Zeiss T* coating with GLC nano-layer to solve the problem of ghosting and fogging, and the average reflectance of visible light is less than 0.2%.

In addition, it has 1.5° hardware anti-shake, the comprehensive anti-shake angle can reach 2°, and the anti-shake level reaches CIPA 4.5.

It is worth mentioning that the vivo X100 Ultra is also equipped with the Blueprint imaging chip V3+, which supports the industry’s strongest 4K movie portrait video, making it unparalleled in the Android camp.

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