Vivo’s phone with the strongest signal! vivo X100s is equipped with a universal signal amplification system: 21 antennas, 360° surround design


 vivo X100s was officially released tonight. In addition to excellent images, the new machine also performs very well in terms of signal.

According to vivo’s official introduction, vivo X100s uses an innovative universal signal amplification system, which is equipped with up to 21 antennas.

This design has been re-optimized based on the direct screen to balance many signal requirements such as 5G, 4G, Wi-Fi, GPS, and NFC. This makes vivo X100s the mobile phone with the strongest signal reception capability in vivo’s history.

The new phone also uses a unique 360° surround design, with antennas distributed around the body. This design not only enhances the signal strength, but is also optimized for various daily holding postures, avoiding signal truncation problems caused by improper holding methods.

In addition, the built-in signal amplifier of vivo X100s integrates the antenna and RF connector, which greatly improves the problem of antenna performance differences caused by different handheld states.

According to official data, the phone’s antenna signal strength has increased by an average of 76%, making the overall signal more stable and stronger.

The release of vivo X100s marks another important breakthrough for vivo’s technological innovation in the field of smartphones. Its excellent signal reception capabilities and innovative antenna design will bring users a more stable and smooth communication experience.

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