Xiaomi 14 Ultra Nears Mass Production Launch Possible By The End Of February


The Xiaomi 14 Ultra has entered the trial production phase and is gearing up for mass production. The Chinese blogger broke that news on its Weibo and also hinted that the Xiaomi 14 Ultra might debut as early as the end of February, alongside the Xiaomi Tablet 7 series and in collaboration with the Xiaomi Car SU7.

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra is touted as Xiaomi’s most powerful imaging flagship. Compared to the Xiaomi 14 Pro, the most significant change in the 14 Ultra is the inclusion of a 1-inch super large base main camera and a 5x periscope telephoto lens. It is the only model in the 14 series to feature both a 1-inch large base and a periscope telephoto lens (the Xiaomi 14 Pro has a direct telephoto lens).

The 1-inch large base main camera in the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is the Sony LYT900 sensor, an optimized version of the Sony IMX989. It supports DCG dual conversion gain, promising improved basic image quality, low-light performance, color expression, and detail texture.

Additionally, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra will be equipped with Leica imaging technology. The four cameras will be upgraded to Leica SUMMILUX, expected to deliver truly outstanding shooting results.

In terms of core configurations, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra features a full-depth micro-curved screen and is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3 mobile platform.


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