Xiaomi Working on HyperOS Feature For Earthquake Detection And Early Warning

Xiaomi HyperOS

China’s Mobile Earthquake Monitoring and Early Warning Network Successfully Predicts Earthquake for the First Time, Xiaomi has collaborated with a research institute to develop an early warning system.

Innovative Earthquake Early Warning Feature

Xiaomi, in collaboration with the Chengdu High-Tech Disaster Mitigation Institute, has developed an earthquake early warning feature within its HyperOS. This feature has successfully predicted an earthquake in an area not covered by the existing monitoring network.

Utilizing AI for Earthquake Detection

The early warning system operates by using low-power sensors in smartphones to detect seismic waves. Once these waves are detected, the system rapidly calculates earthquake information using AI algorithms and sends out warnings to affected areas, providing crucial time for people to take safety measures.

Testing and Volunteer Participation

Currently, in the testing phase, users interested in experiencing this feature can apply to become earthquake monitoring volunteers through the path: Xiaomi Phone > Phone Manager > Warning Center > Earthquake Warning > Earthquake Monitoring Volunteer.

This development marks a significant milestone for China’s mobile earthquake monitoring and early warning network, showcasing the potential of integrating AI and mobile technology for disaster mitigation and public safety.


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