Five More Oppo And OnePlus Models Will Receive Android 14 And ColorOS 14 Update In January

ColorOS 14

ColorOS has officially announced that five OPPO and OnePlus smartphones will begin receiving the ColorOS 14 and Android 14 official version update in January 2024. The update schedule is as follows:

  • January 4: OPPO Find N, OnePlus 9R, OnePlus 8T
  • January 31: OPPO Find N3, OPPO Find N3 Flip

The official version will be rolled out gradually, with the dates mentioned above marking the start of the update availability, not the date for a full-scale rollout.

Users can upgrade to ColorOS 14 official version by navigating to “Settings > About This Device > Version Information (above ‘Phone Name’) > Settings Button in the Top Right Corner > Trial Version Application > ColorOS 14 Official Version.” It’s important to ensure that the phone is updated to a specific version before applying for the official version update (the exact version number will be announced later).

ColorOS 14, launched on November 16, is based on Android 14 and introduces the “Fluid Cloud Notification” design. This feature displays information widgets in the notification bar in real-time and supports various devices (phones, tablets, watches, etc.) with an adaptive development framework for multi-end usability.

The update also includes a new “Transfer Station” feature, described as a “super temporary storage space across devices,” supporting over 60 file formats. Additionally, OPPO has collaborated with Microsoft’s global partner to introduce the “Phone Link” feature, allowing seamless phone-to-PC connectivity for efficient cross-device collaboration.

The update also brings a “Portable Workbench” feature, enabling users to search, access, edit, and share software on OPPO devices from any device’s browser by logging into their account.

This update signifies OPPO’s commitment to enhancing user experience and device interoperability, emphasizing efficiency and convenience in device usage.


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