OnePlus Ace 3 Boasts Leading Touch Screen And Fingerprint Technology

OnePlus Ace 3 Screen

The OnePlus Ace 3 is set to be released on January 4th and will feature the world’s first 1.5K Oriental screen. This device stands out in its category as the only one to incorporate an ultra-thin screen fingerprint sensor.

Li Jie, President of OnePlus China, emphasized the importance of fingerprint technology as a high-frequency user experience, stating that flagship-level fingerprint unlocking should be made accessible to a wider audience.

The ultra-thin screen fingerprint sensor of the OnePlus Ace 3 is positioned more ergonomically and offers a more convenient experience, making it the optimal choice for fingerprint unlocking solutions. Additionally, the screen is equipped with the “Bright Eye Protection” technology.

This technology, developed through exclusive algorithms and advanced medical imaging techniques, monitors the user’s eye condition in real-time. It automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness and color temperature to provide the most comfortable visual environment.

Furthermore, this technology effectively filters out blue light that can cause eye fatigue, significantly reducing visual fatigue for users during prolonged smartphone use. This combination of advanced screen technology and user-centric features positions the OnePlus Ace 3 as a device that not only offers flagship-level experiences but also prioritizes user comfort and health.

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