Galaxy Z Series Security Update Rolls Out To More Regions Including Netherlands


Samsung has recently broadened the reach of its November 2023 security update for the Galaxy Z Flip 4, extending it to various regions across Africa, Asia, and Europe. Initially, this update was available only for the US variants of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and the Galaxy Z Fold 4. The expansion of this update signifies Samsung’s commitment to maintaining the security and performance of its devices globally.

The latest software update for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is now accessible in several countries, including Afghanistan, Egypt, various European nations, Iraq, Israel, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the UK, Tunisia, and Turkey. This update, identified by the firmware version F721BXXS4DWJ2, is relatively small in size. However, it is significant in terms of security, incorporating the November 2023 security patch that addresses 65 vulnerabilities as outlined in Samsung’s security bulletin.

A Reddit user also hinted Galaxy Fold 4 security update in the Netherlands, which can be seen here in this image:

While this particular update does not introduce any new features or major changes, it lays the groundwork for future updates. Users can look forward to the next major update, which is expected to bring Android 14 and One UI 6.0 to the foldable device, enhancing its functionality and user experience.

For Galaxy Z Flip 4 owners residing in the aforementioned regions, checking for the new update is straightforward. Users can navigate to the “Settings” menu on their device, select “Software update,” and then choose “Download and install” to initiate the update process. Alternatively, for those who prefer a manual approach, the new firmware file can be downloaded from Samsung’s database and flashed using a PC running Windows OS and the Odin tool.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4, launched with Android 12, has already received the Android 13 update in late 2022. The device is on track to receive the stable Android 14 update along with One UI 6.0 soon. It has already been part of the One UI 6.0 beta update in some countries, indicating that the stable version’s release is imminent.

This update is a testament to Samsung’s dedication to providing timely and essential security updates to its devices, ensuring that users enjoy a secure and optimized experience with their Galaxy Z Flip 4.


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