Google May Discontinue Driving Mode Feature In Google Maps For Android

Google maps for android

Google is reportedly considering discontinuing the Driving Mode feature in Google Maps for Android users, potentially as early as February 2024. This information comes from an APK teardown of version 14.52 of the Google app, where specific strings hint at the removal of this feature.

The Driving Mode in Google Maps currently provides a safer and more convenient way for users to navigate while driving. However, the teardown suggests that Google might shift focus to its Assistant for driving-related tasks. One of the strings from the teardown indicates that users will need to rely on Google Assistant for calling, messaging, or playing media while navigating, instead of using the Driving Mode interface.

This change could lead to a reliance on audio-only interactions, which are generally considered safer. However, it might not be welcomed by all users. Some people are not comfortable using voice assistants, and there could be situations where the Assistant may not perform as expected, forcing users to revert to screen interactions.

The potential removal of Driving Mode raises questions about Google’s plans for a revised driving mode on Android, which could offer alternative options for safe navigation and phone interaction while driving. The decision to phase out this feature could significantly impact how users interact with their devices on the road.

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