Realme GT6 was stolen during overseas transportation!


 Realme Spain’s first batch of GT6 mobile phones were stolen during transportation recently, and the official said that it could not guarantee that they would be on the shelves this week.

After this incident was exposed, it attracted the attention of domestic netizens. Xu Qi, vice president of realme, president of global marketing, and president of China, responded: “The global launch will proceed as usual, thank you for your concern.”

It is reported that the realme GT6 will be released in Milan on June 20th local time, and will later debut in China.

The phone is positioned as a top-level straight-screen flagship, equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 8 at its core. It is the first to exclusively use ultra-100-watt flash charging + silicon negative pole large battery. The battery is larger than the previous generation, but the body is lighter and thinner.

One of the biggest highlights of this phone is the screen. Realme and BOE have created a top-level straight screen with a peak brightness of 6000 nits and supports 8T LTPO.

In addition, it also supports AI green field eye protection + hardware-level low blue light + 2160Hz PWM dimming + 3Pulse/1Pulse DC-like dimming. It is the most powerful straight screen in the recent wave of new phones.

Realme has even introduced an active eye fatigue detection function, which intelligently monitors the user’s fatigue state and adjusts the eye protection plan, achieving comprehensive adaptation to various scenarios such as watching videos and reading e-books.

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