iPhone 17 Slim preview: industrial design is completely transformed


This year’s iPhone 16 series is about to enter mass production, and Apple’s planning for the iPhone 17 series has also begun.

According to well-known whistleblower Gurman, Apple is working on developing an ultra-thin mobile phone for the 2025 iPhone 17 series. Its design is inspired by this year’s iPad Pro, and the body will be slimmer than the ordinary model.

This new phone will be named iPhone 17 Slim and will replace the existing Plus version. In addition to design improvements, the report also revealed a surprising news that the screen size of this new model is 6.55 inches, which fills the gap between the standard version and the Pro Max version, making the iPhone 17 series product line more abundant.

The iPhone 17 Slim will remain consistent with the standard iPhone 17 in other respects, including the Smart Island screen and rear dual-camera configuration.

In terms of core configuration, the phone will be equipped with an A19 chip, the same as the standard version. In other aspects, the iPhone 17 series will undergo a substantial upgrade in the front camera and will be fully equipped with a 24-megapixel high-resolution camera.

In addition, Gurman also revealed that Apple is developing thinner versions of the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro, gradually extending its ultra-thin design concept to its entire product line.

Editor’s comments:

Apple has demonstrated its innovative spirit in product design and keen insight into market demand by launching the ultra-thin iPhone 17 Slim. This move will not only attract consumers who pursue thin and light bodies, but may also bring new market growth points to Apple. We look forward to more innovations and surprises from Apple in the future.

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