Meizu 21 Pro Features mTouch Max Wide Area Ultrasonic Fingerprint Releasing Feb 29

Meizu 21 Pro

Meizu has officially announced that the Meizu 21 Pro will feature the mTouch Max wide-area ultrasonic fingerprint unlocking technology, marking a significant advancement in fingerprint recognition capabilities. This announcement was made ahead of a special event scheduled by Meizu for February 29th at 19:00, where the Meizu 21 Pro flagship smartphone is expected to be unveiled.

The mTouch Max technology combines wide-area recognition with ultrasonic detection to offer one of the most powerful fingerprint-unlocking solutions in the industry. The wide-area capability allows for a larger recognition zone, making unlocking more convenient and even enabling a degree of blind operation.

Meanwhile, ultrasonic fingerprint recognition is known for its speed, surpassing other methods like optical fingerprint recognition. Unlike other technologies, ultrasonic sensors do not require the screen to be at maximum brightness to detect a fingerprint. They emit pulses that can sense the unique pores and ridges of a fingerprint, creating a 3D depth map for higher accuracy.

The previous Meizu 21 model boasted an unlocking speed of just 0.075 seconds, significantly outperforming optical fingerprint smartphones. In addition to its advanced fingerprint technology, the Meizu 21 Pro will feature a 6.79-inch center-punched straight screen with 2K resolution, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile platform.

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