Meizu Releases Flyme AR 1.0.1 Update Includes Teleprompter Feature

Flyme AR 1.0.1

Meizu has released the first system update, version 1.0.1, for its Flyme AR operating system, which was initially launched in November 2023 during the Meizu Autumn Unbounded Ecological Conference. This update is being rolled out to all MYVU AR glasses.

The new Flyme AR 1.0.1 update introduces a teleprompter feature, allowing users to import TXT files stored on their phones for prompting. It supports various page-turning interactions, including through the glasses, a ring, the phone, and automatic page-turning.

This teleprompter function is currently compatible with devices running FlymeOS, HarmonyOS, HyperOS, ColorOS, and OriginOS. Compatibility with iOS devices is in progress. Additionally, the update brings a quick volume adjustment feature, where double-tapping the power button on the glasses adjusts the volume.

The global interaction logic has also been updated. Now, double-tapping the touchpad on the glasses while in an app exits back to the Dock page. Another feature added is the automatic resumption of music playback when the glasses are worn again after being paused due to removal, provided the glasses have not entered sleep mode. The music playback control center UI has been optimized, displaying a new playback control center when returning to the standby page.

This update signifies Meizu’s commitment to enhancing the user experience of its AR products, focusing on convenience and integration with existing devices.


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