Memory is the biggest upgrade point of iPhone 16! Apple gives all 8GB


There have been constant leaks about Apple’s next-generation flagship mobile phone, the iPhone 16 series, revealing a series of major configuration updates.

According to multiple sources, the four models of the iPhone 16 series will all come standard with 8GB of RAM. This move is unprecedented in Apple’s history and is intended to cope with the high memory requirements brought about by the newly introduced Apple Intelligence in the iOS 18 system.

According to insider analysis, due to the extremely high computing intensity of Apple Intelligence, devices with less than 8GB of memory will not be able to fully experience all of its functions.

Therefore, Apple had to make such configuration upgrades to ensure that users can fully benefit from the intelligent features of the new system.

Processor unified A18 chip

Technology media reports pointed out that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 16 series, all four models will be equipped with the latest processor of the A series – the A18 chip.

Although all four iPhone 16 models will use the same processor, Apple may still differentiate the chip based on the different positioning of the standard version and Pro version to meet the needs of different user groups.

Camera innovation: Samsung 48-megapixel sensor

There has also been a major shift in the choice of camera components for the iPhone 16 series. It is reported that Apple will no longer rely on Sony as its supplier of image sensors, but will instead use Samsung’s 48-megapixel sensor as the main camera.

This Samsung sensor uses advanced three-wafer stacking technology, in which each wafer carries key components such as photodiodes, transistors and analog-to-digital converters.

Compared with the traditional dual-wafer design, the three-wafer stacking technology can significantly improve the image capture efficiency of the sensor, reduce noise, and achieve higher pixel density, bringing unprecedented imaging expression to the iPhone 16 series.

There is also news that the new entry-level model is priced at 6,499 yuan, but it comes standard with 8GB of memory and an A18 chip, which makes this entry-level model very attractive.

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