Nubia Officially Announces Limited Edition Of Nubia Z60 Ultra

Z60 ultra

Nubia announced the launch of the Nubia Z60 Ultra Dragon Year Limited Edition, set to go on sale on January 24. Today, the official design of this limited edition was finally revealed, featuring deep customization from the packaging to the phone and accessories, all infused with traditional Chinese cultural elements.

The packaging adopts a “Nine Dragons Playing with a Pearl” gift box design, printed with numerous golden dragon patterns, exuding a majestic and grand aura. Additionally, the package includes a “Red Fortune in Hand” magnetic suction phone case, cleverly designed with a coiled dragon and featuring a Chinese red color scheme.

Other accessories include a “Dragon Fortune Overhead” fast charger, a “Coiled Dragon Red String” charging cable, a “Dragon Ring for Fortune” SIM card pin, and a “Magnetic Fortune” magnetic suction stand.

The phone itself features a gilded Tang dragon paired with a custom golden ring design, set against a black base with light gold elements. The Nubia Z60 Ultra Dragon Year Limited Edition maintains the same specifications as the standard version, featuring a 6.8-inch UDC full screen with BOE Q9+ luminescent material and full-screen blue diamond arrangement. It is powered by the third-generation Snapdragon 8 chip, houses a 6000mAh battery, and supports 80W fast charging.

The Dragon Year Limited Edition is available only in a 24GB+1TB version. The standard version with the same configuration is priced at 5999 yuan $833, and the limited edition is expected to be priced higher, with the exact price to be announced by the official.


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