Frequency up to 120MHz! China launches the world’s first RISC-V core super SIM chip


 China Mobile’s professional chip company China Mobile CoreSynchronous Technology Co., Ltd. recently released the world’s first super SIM chip “CC2560A” using RISC-V CPU core . Both performance and functions are far superior to traditional SIM cards, even previous super SIM cards.

A super SIM card can be created based on the super SIM chip, which can expand storage space, add security algorithms, support dynamic application loading, NFC card swiping and other capabilities, and can carry various sensitive digital assets.

By cooperating with the Ministry of Public Security and the People’s Bank of China to develop national basic livelihood applications such as digital identity and digital RMB, Super SIM is gradually becoming a new type of national security infrastructure, helping to accelerate the digital transformation of the economy and society.

However, super SIM chips still face challenges such as low degree of core localization, limited interface scalability, insufficient storage space and performance.

The RISC-V core super SIM chip developed by China Mobile Xinsheng adopts a 32-bit RISC-V architecture security core , and its openness can ensure autonomous control in the future.

The Flash memory capacity is 2.5MB , which is 10 times that of existing mainstream SIM chips and twice that of existing super SIM chips, and can be pre-installed with more than 50 applications.

The CPU main frequency reaches 120MHz , the communication rate is 10 times higher than that of the existing super SIM card, the computing power is doubled, and the algorithm performance is improved by more than 2 times on average.

The chip has multiple interfaces and is easy to expand. In addition to the standard 7816 high-speed transmission interface, it also adds SWP, QSPI, SPI, I2C, and UART interfaces . It can expand the external Flash through SPI/QSPI, and can also be integrated and packaged with baseband chips, storage chips, Bluetooth chips, biometrics, satellite positioning and other chips.

In terms of security, it is designed in accordance with the national secret level 2 and EAL5+ certification standards , integrating more than 100 security designs such as bus encryption and verification technology, algorithm anti-DPA attack technology, sensitive signal hiding technology, etc. It supports encrypted storage, international and national secret algorithms, and PUF physical anti-cloning capabilities.

The super SIM card based on CC2560A not only supports digital identity and digital RMB, but also integrates public transportation, electronic student ID cards, access control, digital car keys, etc., and can be used in application scenarios such as low-altitude economy, quantum secret calls, and satellite positioning.

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