Xiaomi Mi 15 Pro image information leaked: variable aperture cancelled and periscope telephoto added


digital blogger Digital Chat Station revealed that this year’s Xiaomi 15 Pro will use a fixed large aperture main camera, which means that the infinitely variable aperture technology that debuted in last year’s Xiaomi 14 Pro will no longer be used in the latest generation of products.

According to the blogger, Xiaomi 15 Pro will use a 50-megapixel ultra-large bottom fixed large aperture main camera . It is inferred that the main camera’s photosensitive unit will be larger than the 1/1.55-inch Light Hunter 900 of Xiaomi 14 Pro, and its photosensitivity will be stronger.

In addition, Xiaomi 15 Pro will also add a periscope telephoto lens. It is reported that the model of this periscope telephoto lens is Sony IMX882, which is Sony LYT-600 .

The Sony LYT-600 has a 1/1.953-inch photosensitive unit and a single pixel size of 0.8μm. Compared with the mainstream OV64B solution, the telephoto imaging capability of Xiaomi 15 Pro is superior.

In addition, the blogger also mentioned that Xiaomi 15 Pro focuses on “dark light zoom”, which means that the telephoto lens of the phone will also be equipped with an ultra-large aperture to further increase the amount of light entering, and its telephoto imaging performance is very worth looking forward to.

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